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8-Week Classes at Rio Salado College

8 Week Classes at Rio Salado College 

The new 8-week class option is available for a majority of Rio Salado College’s online classes. If you prefer fast-paced classes, this option is for you!

What are the advantages of 8-week classes?

  • Lets you complete more classes in a shorter period of time
  • Empowers you to go from part-time to full-time status
  • Leads to faster degree completion

How does the 8-week class option work?

  • Check Rio Salado's online class schedule to see if a class is offered in the 8-week format.
  • For most classes, you select the 8-week option when you start your class in RioLearn.*
  • If you choose not to select the “8-week class option,” your class remains its original length (e.g. 14 weeks).

*Some Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition and Geology classes require you to select the 8-week class section at time of registration.

How do 8-week classes differ from other classes?

14-week classes**

  • Moderately-paced
  • Assignments are more spread out
  • Trying to balance 4 classes at a time (12 credits) with work, family and other responsibilities often requires students to go from full-time to part-time status
  • Averages 1-2 lessons per week
  • Requires focus and strong study skills, but allows for flexible time-management

8-week classes

  • Fast-paced
  • Assignments are more concentrated
  • Students complete a full-time course load (12-credits) while taking just 2 classes at a time, in two 8-week sessions over a 16-week period
  • Averages 3-4 lessons per week
  • Requires a concentrated level of focus and a more structured study regimen

**Class lengths may vary depending on the course.

Start earning your degree today! Contact Rio Salado College for information about our 8-week classes, degree programs, enrollment, financial aid and more.


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