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Disability Resources & Services

Rio Salado provides information, resources, and services which promote a successful learning experience for students with documented disabilities. Depending upon the disability and the resources Rio Salado has available, students with documented disabilities may receive accommodations that include, but are not limited to, sign language interpreters, text in alternative format, readers/scribes, and extended test taking time.

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Sign Up for Disability Services

A student wishing to register for services must meet MCCCD admissions requirements, be enrolled as an MCCCD student, and must provide Disability Resources and Services (DRS) with required documentation verifying the nature and extent of the disability prior to receiving any accommodation. The DRS Manager is responsible for evaluating documentation and determining accommodation eligibility. Students must provide documentation that complies with all applicable requirements of the MCCCD Documentation Policy. If the DRS Manager advises a student that his/her documentation is incomplete, RSC reserves the right not to provide services or accommodations until all documentation specified in the Documentation Policy is provided. Students submitting only IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) or incomplete documentation, or if a particular accommodation request is not justified by the information provided in the student’s documentation, the student is responsible to pursue whatever additional documentation is required and to pay any costs thereof.

Academic adjustments (accommodations) must be requested each semester even if you had them previously. Please note that every time DRS Connect asks for your "username" and your "student I.D.", both terms refer to your MCCCD MEID number. The "password" will be the same private password you created originally with your MEID. If you are a new student to Disability Resources and Services, please complete a new student application.

If you need any assistance with this process please feel free to contact our office at (480) 517-8562

Service Animals

For more information on Rio Salado College's service animal policy, please visit


View the Maricopa Community Colleges Accommodations and Required Disability Documentation.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

The Non-Discrimination Policy can be found on the Maricopa County Community College District website.

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