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Military FAQs

    Registration & Getting Started

  • What is my residency requirement for Degree Awarding?

    You must complete 25% of the required credits toward your certificate or complete 12 semester hours for a degree at Rio Salado College.

  • What is my residency requirement for Tuition Purposes?

    Please review the Residency for Tuition Purposes. You will need to complete the Residency Paperwork; MCCCD Domicile Affidavit & Lawful Presence for Admissions and Records prior to the start of your scheduled courses.

  • What do I do if a prerequisite is required for my course?

    You will need to provide a copy of your previous college transcript or grade report reflecting the course and final grade to displays completion of the required prerequisite. You may need to take a Placement test if you do not currently meet the prerequisite requirements.

    Academic Advisory: Some courses do have time restrictions to meet prerequisite approval, contact us at if you have additional questions about prerequisites after submitting the Prerequisite Evaluation Request Form.

  • Courses, Homework, & Grades

  • How do I register for classes?

    If you're a New Student please visit Start at Rio Salado for Military.

    If you are using Tuition Assistance for the Army, you must enroll with GoArmyEd. You can use these two links: to enroll in a class or use your course planner to enroll. Even if you are student funded and are serving the Army Branch, you must still register using GoArmyEd or they will not show that you've completed your course. 

    If you're not using Tuition Assistance, you can register in your Student Center on However, Learn more about Adding a Class

    You can also contact a Military Advisor at (800) 517-8590 or Military.Advisor@riosalado.edufor assistance with course selection.We receive your request within 24 hours and will send a confirmation once enrolled.

  • When can I schedule to begin my class?

    If you are using Tuition Assistance some branches take longer than others for Approval:

    Army = 7 days prior to enrollment but courses close in GoArmyEd 2 weeks prior, contact Military Advisement if you're planning last minute and make sure you already have your course materials in advance. Remember, Rio Salado College is an LOI (Letters of Instruction) educational institution and all courses must be processed in GoArmyEd for approval. 

    Air Force, Marines; Coast Gaurd, Navy = 14 days Prior to chosen enrollment start date.

    If you are paying out of pocket or setting up a Payment plan, You can begin courses on any available start date you'd like if not in a Block Schedule (Ex.Degree Seeking Student). If in Block, please utilize the Block Planning Tool to help register your approved start dates.

  • When will I have access to my class/classes?

    You will be able to access your Rio Salado College course 7 days prior to your start date.

  • How do I submit my homework assignments?

    Please review your syllabus for each class, there will be information about homework submission. If you have a question regarding your homework, email your instructor for assistance.

  • What will happen if I get behind in my assignments?

    Contact your instructor immediately! Rio Salado courses will require weekly homework assignments. If you do not turn in your assignments for 14 consecutive days, there is the possibility that the instructor will withdraw you for excessive absence and give you a Y grade. If you foresee that you may not be able to do your homework for a period of time, contact your instructor to discuss an extension on the class. Please reference the College Catalog, Attendance Policy 2.3.2 Attendance: 1. Official Absences C. In the event of Military Commitments. (Page 280)

  • What happens if I can't get a response from my Instructor and am experiencing course issues?

    Please Contact our Instructional Helpdesk

  • How and when will I receive my grade?

    Your instructor will keep you up-to date on grades for your assignments. Final grades are usually posted to your transcript 1-4 weeks after the end date of the class. You are able to access your grades through your Student Center. 

  • Student Agreement Forms

  • How do I get a Student Agreement Form (SAF)?

    Before you can get a Student Agreement Form, you must complete a Transcript Evaluation Request Form. Once all prior credit has been evaluated towards a Degree program offered by Rio Salado College, you will be contacted by a Military Advisor to your student email. We will go over remaining course selections and results of your evaluation. Once completed, a copy of the SAF is sent to you as a courtesy via E-mail so that you can use it as a guide when selecting courses toward your Academic Program.

    For GoArmyEd students a copy will be uploaded to GoArmyEd to be posted on the portal. You will be required to show your SAF to your education office and or sign, then upload your digital signed copy to the portal as well. Failure to complete this task may result in a Flag on your account holding you from enrollment until you have a Student Agreement on file. This process ranges from 5-7 business days once submitted to GoArmyEd.

If you are in-state, you can take your placement test at any of the Maricopa Community College testing locations. Just call in advance for their hours of operation. Here are Rio Salado Locations.

If you're out of state or out of country, You will need to fill out the Proctor Verification Form at Rio Salado Testing and submit it back to the Rio Salado College Testing Center. Then you can go to the Testing Office at your Education Center and take the exam.

When it comes to Placement test, you can also pay a fee to take it with 

Placement Proctoring Process

Students NOT located in Maricopa county at the time of testing may arrange to take their placement exam(s) at an Approved Accuplacer Remote Testing location or use the approved Remote Virtual Online proctoring service: 

Please note the following conditions:

  • Remote testing is arranged for students located outside Maricopa County
  • There may be proctoring fees required. The fee is the responsibility of the student.
Students who are out of the country may have limited test sites available. In this case, please contact the Rio Salado Testing center at 480-517-8560 or by email at
Steps to setting up a placement exam:
  1. Contact a testing center in your area (local college/university) to ask them if the test center is an Approved ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Location and if they are willing to proctor your ACCUPLACER math, reading or WritePlacer placement tests.
  2. Once you have confirmed your proctor is willing and able to administer your ACCUPLACER placement exams, please submit a Proctor Request Form here. State it will be with Proctor Name:, Proctor Title:, and Institution:
  3. Your request may take 1-2 weeks to be processed and you will receive a confirmation email one your testing voucher has been sent to your proctor.
  4. Student will contact Proctor to set up and appointment to test. Please ensure to take your email confirmation with you to test.
If you have questions about your request or placement testing procedures, please contact Rio Salado College Testing at (480) 517-8560. 
For more information on ACCUPLACER Study Materials, Policies and Scores please click Here.