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A Group of Students in Their Graduation GownsIs your high school-aged son or daughter able and ambitious? We can help them get a head start on college and save you a bundle of money, all while they're still in high school.

So How Does it Work?

Certain college-level courses they are already taking may be eligible for dual enrollment credit - that is, they may be able to get college credit for a fraction of the price it will cost at a university.

With Dual Enrollment at Rio Salado College, Your Son or Daughter Will...

  • Save money - our courses are a fraction of the cost of universities.
  • Be stress-free - their credits will transfer to the in-state university of their choice as well as many out-of-state colleges and universities
  • Save more money - on college tuition and text books
  • Have access to scholarships based on financial need
  • Save more time - finish college faster

Success After Graduation

In 2007, the Rio Salado Institutional Research department conducted a survey of dual enrollment students five years after they had completed the program and graduated from high school.  The department’s February 2008 report showed that dual enrollment completers gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about their experience:

  • A majority of the respondents indicated that their academic experience with the Dual Enrollment program was excellent.
  • A majority either agreed or strongly agreed that they were academically better prepared for college as a result of having taken Dual Enrollment courses.
  • A majority felt that as a result of taking Dual Enrollment course(s), they gained analytical thinking skills that were useful in college.
  • More than half of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed that participating in Dual Enrollment increased their confidence about succeeding in college.

Besides gaining skills that would help them in college, the respondents enjoyed their time in the Dual Enrollment program, as more than 98% indicated that they would recommend Dual Enrollment to current high school students.

What Rio Salado's Dual Enrollment Students Have to Say About the Program

"Dual enrollment credits freed up time that otherwise would have been devoted to taking general education classes. As a result, I was able to focus on multiple areas of study that were of more interest to me."
"Dual enrollment is great. I would encourage everyone to do it. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t take more dual enrollment credits."
“Having earned dual enrollment credits in high school, I needed to only take 12-13 credit hours per semester to graduate on time, rather than 15.  This helped me spend more time per class studying rather than stretching myself too thin."