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Tips on Test Taking

National College Testing Association standards and guidelines

Exam Proctoring: Rio Salado Students

Some courses require students to take placement tests for English, Math and Reading. Students who are enrolled in distance learning courses may be required to take in-person midterm and final exams.


You may request to have your exams proctored if you:

  1. Do not live in Arizona's Maricopa County or
  2. Will not be in Arizona's Maricopa County when you need to take your exam.

If you do not meet these requirements, Rio Salado College has nine testing centers conveniently located throughout Maricopa County.

Proctoring Process

  1. Locate a proctor and contact him/her to see if they are available to proctor your exam. Most proctors charge a fee for their services and you are responsible for paying any applicable charges.

    Acceptable Proctors must meet the following criteria: Proctors must be from an accredited university, accredited college, or military base. There must be no conflict of interest in having your proctor administer your exams.

    University/College - If the proctor is at a university or college, he/she needs to be an employee of the testing center. ** If there is no testing center, the proctor must work in either the distance-learning or advising/counseling office, the assessment or disability center or the library.

    Military Base - If the proctor is at a military base; s/he must work at the Education Center. The proctor will be the Test Administrator or Test Control Officer at the installation (base, camp, Kaseme, COB, FOB) education center where you are stationed.

    **For a list of *NCTA approved college testing centers that might be located in your area, visit Next, click on the option “Click here to find a consortium participant”. If your school of choice is not listed, don't worry! This is just a tool to help you look. We work with many proctors outside of this organization.

  2. Please submit a Proctor Request Form during the first week of class.

    You must submit a request form for every registered course that requires a proctored exam. If your course has a mid-term and final exam, we will send both tests at the same time and you only need to submit one request.

    The timeframe required for your proctor to receive the exams depends on the accuracy of the information you provide and their ability to meet the requirements above. Approval is at the discretion of Rio Salado.

    Exams are sent to proctors within 7 days of the proctor's confirmation. However, the entire process can take up to 3 weeks. (Late requests - We make every effort to promptly verify the proctor and send the materials. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. We cannot expedite services and we cannot guarantee an arrival date for your tests. If you believe that you may miss your midterm or final deadline, please contact your instructor to let him/her know your circumstance.)Please Note: As of July 1, 2014 the Rio Salado Testing Department will only conduct communication through official Maricopa Community College email addresses (e.g.

  3. Once the proctor is approved, we send out the test materials. We will send you an email confirming that the tests have been sent. If the proctor is not approved, we will send you an email indicating that you need to locate a new proctor.
  4. Contact your proctor and set an appointment date and time to take your exam(s).
  5. Once completed, the proctor returns the testing materials and you will receive your grade from your instructor.

Placement Proctoring Process

Students NOT located in Maricopa county at the time of testing may arrange to take their placement exam(s) at an Approved Accuplacer Voucher Testing Site or email for additional assistance locating a proctor. 

Please note the following conditions:

  • Voucher testing is arranged for students located outside Maricopa County
  • There may be proctoring fees required. The fee is the responsibility of the student.
Students who are out of the country may have limited test sites available. In this case, please contact the Rio Salado Testing center at 480-517-8560 or by email at
Steps to setting up a placement exam:
  1. Contact a testing center in your area (local college/university) to ask them if the test center is an Approved ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Location and if they are willing to proctor your ACCUPLACER math, reading or WritePlacer placement tests.
  2. Once you have confirmed your proctor is willing and able to administer your ACCUPLACER placement exams, please submit a Proctor Request Form here.
  3. Your request may take 1-2 weeks to be processed and you will receive a confirmation email one your testing voucher has been sent to your proctor.
  4. Student will contact Proctor to set up and appointment to test. Please ensure to take your email confirmation with you to test.
If you have questions about your request or placement testing procedures, please contact Rio Salado College Testing at (480) 517-8560.
For more information on ACCUPLACER Study Materials, Policies and Scores please click Here.

Students with Disabilities

Students with a documented disability, who require testing accommodations, must first register with Rio Salado's Disability Office.

Contact Information

Please contact the Testing Center for any questions or concerns:
Phone: (480) 517-8560 or 1-(866) 517-8560 (Toll-free)

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